Natural Diabetic Tips

Diabetes is called the silent killer because overt symptoms are rare in the early stages of the disease.

"Most people have no symptoms at all," says Richard Bergenstal, MD, past president of the American Diabetes Association and executive director of the International Diabetes Center in Minneapolis. "Only about 25 percent have vague symptoms that you wouldn't associate with diabetes. The problem is, the longer diabetes is undiagnosed, the more at risk you are of cumulative exposure to high glucose levels. Just because you don't have symptoms doesn't mean it's not doing harm."

More than 25 million Americans over 20 have diabetes. Nearly 25 percent of Americans are estimated to have elevated blood sugar levels that may lead to diabetes, but only four percent realize it.

But there's good news, says Bergenstal. Unlike many diseases, type 2 diabetes is largely preventable, and with the right changes in diet and lifestyle, most people can treat diabetes without any other intervention.

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